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After the long awaited court decision we are ecstatic to announce that World of Motorsport ZA (WOMZA) has broken the strong hold of Motorsport SA (MSA).

Motorsport South Africa has lost its bid to stop the World of Motorsport ZA (WOMZA) from organising and promoting Motor Racing in South Africa. The case was heard in the Pretoria High Court earlier this week with the High Court dismissing MSA’S application with costs, including the costs of two Counsels. This means that MSA does not have the sole and exclusive right to organize motor races in South Africa.

We would like to offer the Regions, circuits and MX riders in South Africa the opportunity to join an alternative Motorsport Administrator, with a breath of fresh air which will now be blown into the Motocross fraternity, and will definitely reduce the costs to the riders and circuits alike. We would appeal to you to take the following into account when making your decision.

1. The Regions: the current Regional Representatives have been voted into their respective positions as Regional representatives for MX by the riders. This is of paramount importance to WOMZA as it can only move forward with agreement and input from riders as to how their sport is run, with the sporting administration being accountable when it comes to matters like rules and regulations, medical guidelines, environmental matters and financial accountability. The Regions need to run themselves with emphasis of development of the sport within that region. There is no leeway when it comes to splitting the sport between juniors and seniors as presently there are simply not enough riders to service split racing in the regions.  The view from WOMZA and the MX fraternity is that we are starting at foundation level in a joint effort to rebuild our sport together. We do not believe that the administration should have over ruling powers when it comes to our rules and regulations. We do however believe that we should take international guidelines from bodies like the FIM and other international controlling bodies.

2. The circuits need to function as profitable business centres and thus service the needs of their riders (customers).  This is one of the keys to development of the sport, better facilities, safety first and good governance which will be further facilitated by the use of well trained officials at race meetings.  Earnings will be utilised in the upgrading of circuits and facilities. Circuits will be required to pay an annual affiliation fee of a R1, 000.00. Race permits will be payable prior to the permit being issued, which will be R2, 500.00. This will include public liability to the circuit for R10 million (with an excess) – in the event of a claim, and includes the admin fee. This would be the same for a national and regional event. Club events would be R1, 000.00, which would only be to cover the basic public liability insurance. Currently you are paying 11% plus a rider’s levy of R20.00 per rider to the commission for national and R10.00 for regionals. The last regional hosted in Northern regions attracted a R10, 000.00 levies for 158 riders. Other facets of our sport have paid between R150, 000.00 and R300, 000.00 in levies to the current governing body.  The suggested national entry fee would be R550.00 for a first entry with R300.00 as being a
second entry. The regional entry fee would be set by the regions, which will include club entry fees. Attached is a letter of intent from Full Throttle and because they would not be paying national broadcasting and naming rights would be prepared to give each circuit R10,000.00 towards circuit costs. Please read the attachment, the circuits would need to sign the agreement between the sponsor and themselves to avoid any confusion as WOMZA would not be receiving any benefit except to say that your national series would be televised. There are various sponsors this year that have had to pay the current governing body between R50, 000.00 and R350, 000.00, just to secure naming and broadcasting rights.

We believe this money should be put back into our sport.

3. The riders would now benefit from lower entry fees. Funds could then come back into the sport to facilitate the development and upgrade of facilities.  The licence fees will be reduced to R500.00 for a national and regional licence, which will allow all riders to compete in their hometown national with no upgrade required.  Club licences would be set at R300.00. Medical coverage would remain much the same all that would be required, is a letter to state that the rider is covered under his own medical aid scheme. For competitors
without their own medical cover, WOMZA is currently negotiating with the medical insurers but no increases are foreseen. Included in the circuit cover under public liability is the facility for medical airlift to a designated hospital. No money from sponsors would go to WOMZA, i.e. Team ‘X’ would not be required to pay any Team sponsorship licence fee. If you enter on your entry form as ‘Team X’, that is how you ride.

4. WOMZA believes that the current system of protests, COE, appeal courts and national courts of inquiry are far too expensive and should be restructured. We further believe that most of these issues can be handled on the day. A firm set of guidelines will be drawn up to alleviate any confusion as to the imposition of penalties by officials.

We would like to clarify a point that is clearly stated in the South African Constitution – it is any individual’s right to belong to any, party, institution, federation, organization, club, etc – without fear of retribution. WOMZA believes that you as a WOMZA licence holder may in addition, join any other motorsport organization/federation.

WOMZA licence holders are welcome to go overseas and enter any event that you feel will further develop you as a rider.  What we are offering you is a WOMZA National Championship, a WOMZA Regional Championship and obviously your clubs will promote clubs races in your Region. We further recognize all geographical regions as laid out in South Africa. We feel the first step is for the circuits to affiliate, which will allow the regions to be recognised and the riders will support our National and Regional series. Time is of the essence and in due course we will be following up with the necessary documentation, circuit affiliation forms, riders licence application forms, rules governing our sport, official accreditation forms and regional application forms. Join us and let’s put the fun back into the sport.

For any queries please contact Tony Jones MX Liaison – WOMZA.

Cell: (Tony Jones) 084 254 0214

Office: 011 764 2299

E-mail: fionaj1@telkomsa.net



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